Course Description

This online learning course is about developing relationships with and effectively managing Patient and Public Voice (PPV) partners working with NHS England. It has been commissioned by NHS England as part of a programme of training for PPV partners and NHS England staff members working with them.

Module 1: Who is a PPV partner and why involve them?

This module explores the range of volunteer and other opportunities as a PPV partner, looks at motivations for volunteering, and the benefits of working with PPV Partners. It includes

Module 2: Getting on board: recruiting, welcoming and supporting new PPV partners

This module introduces some best practice guidelines for involving PPV partners in a way that promotes NHS England’s values and leads to a positive experience all round. It focuses on the first phase of involvement: recruitment and the beginning of the volunteer experience.

Module 3: Managing relationships for mutual benefit

This module looks at some of the nuts and bolts of developing and maintaining good working practices and effective management of relationships and expectations of PPV partners, including positive exits when roles come to an end.

Who is it for?

This course is aimed at NHS England employees who work with
partners/volunteers. Partners and volunteers who work regularly with NHS England employees. Learners will be expected to complete evaluation feedback after working through the course

Type of learning: e-learning course
Duration: 30 mins

How to apply

To register, please contact