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Jargon Description
Technology Assessment Review

A systematic assessment of an intervention (or group of interventions), usually undertaken for policy customers such as NICE.


Use of new technology to help clinicians to discuss a patient access to relevant medical images and information

The National Institute for Health Research

This was established in 2006 to provide the framework through which the Department of Health can position, maintain and manage the research, research staff and research infrastructure of the NHS in England as a national research facility.

Themed Call

A call for proposals in a particular area of medicine or health (e.g. obesity, dementia).


Treatment that helps patient regains their ability to carry out tasks of daily leaving.

Topic Identification

Activities carried out to identify suitable topics for research. These activities provide a way for individuals and groups to propose areas where good evidence is lacking or unanswered questions exist.


The degree to which a medicine is poisonous. How much of a medicine can be taken before it has a toxic effect.

Trial Management Group

The Trial Management Group normally includes those individuals responsible for the day-to-day management of the trial, such as the Chief Investigator, statistician, trial manager, research nurse, data manager. The role of the group is to monitor all aspects of the conduct and progress of the trial, ensure that the protocol is adhered to and take appropriate action to safeguard participants and the quality of the trial itself.

Trial Master File

The Trial Master File contains all essential documents held by the sponsor/Chief Investigator which individually and collectively permits the evaluation of the conduct of a trial and the quality of the data produced.

Trial Steering Committee

The role of the Trial Steering Committee is to provide the overall supervision of the trial. Ideally, the TSC should include members who are independent of the investigators, their employing organisations, funders and sponsors.

Type A Trial

Trials involving medicinal products licensed in any EU Member State if they relate to the licensed range of indications, dosage and form or they involve off-label use.