About The East of England Citizens' Senate

NHS England & the Eastern Academic Health Science Network (Eastern AHSN) believe passionately that every level of its work should be informed by insightful methods of listening to those who use and care about services. Their views will inform service development and oversight. Public and patient voice will be embedded into processes in a range of ways, including insight and feedback to help shape services, which will inform governance frameworks and as active partners, in assurance processes. The Citizens’ Senate is the hub for this patient and public voice across the NHS and other statutory organisations in the East of England.

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Our Next Meeting

Citizens' Senate meeting no 35

Tuesday, 22 February, 2022
11.00am to 12.30 pm
Zoom virtual
Patients creating change
  • Provide project leadership
  • Experienced patient leaders in co-production and partnership working
  • Experts in applying patient insights in order to challenge the NHS and motivate change
Translation of complex information
  • Knowledge of local and national policy regarding the health economy
  • Turn local information into intelligence
  • Understand the principals of transformation participation in healthcare
Network and influence Network and influence
  • Established relationships with voluntary organisations, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), local government
  • Share and disseminate best practice
  • Development of patient stories
  • Ability to influence without authority
  • Visionary and strategic
Strategic council
  • Provide a wider patient point of view (cover the whole of the Eastern Region – health and social care)
  • Respond to NHS national and regional consultations
  • Provide project advice
  • Provide patient experience
Board represenation
  • NHS Clinical Senate
  • NHS Clinical Networks
  • NHS Academic Health Science Networks
  • NHS Cancer Alliance Board

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Population Health Management

Monday, 3 January, 2022

Infographic, showing top stats, aims and achievements from Bristol Inner City Primary Care Network (PCN). 

This project aimed to improve the health and well-being of a group of people who were at higher risk of developing heart failure. They developed short, medium and long term aims including medication reviews, improvement of understanding on health conditions such as heart failure, reducing smoking rates and increasing physical activity for individuals and across the system reducing admissions to A&E and outpatients and appointments needed in General Practice.

This is a great example of proactive action and prevention in Population Health Management, which is the aim of the Long Term Plan.