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Jargon Description

A Hackathon is an event where people come together and use technology to collaboratively improve upon or build new software. Hackathons are sometimes undertaken to achieve a specific goal, but often they are an opportunity for organisations/groups to explore open ended citizen/public led, innovative ideas.


Vomiting blood.


Presence of Blood in the Urine



Coughing of Blood

Health and Care Partnership ICS

The second part of the statutory ICS will be the ICS Health and Care Partnership. With a wider membership than the ICS NHS Body, the Partnership will bring together health, social care, public health and wider partners to develop a broader strategic health, public health and social care plan for the ICS. The ICS NHS Body will need to take this plan into account when making decisions about health care provision.

Health Inequalities

Health inequalities are the preventable, unfair and unjust differences in health status between groups, populations or individuals. These differences arise from the unequal distribution of social, environmental and economic conditions within societies, which determine the risk of people getting ill, their ability to prevent sickness, or opportunities to take action and access treatment when ill health occurs.

Health Research Authority

An NHS organisation established to protect and promote the interests of patients and the public in health research. The National Research Ethics Service is now part of the Health Research Authority.

Health Services and Delivery Research

One of the National Institute for Health Research Evaluation and Studies programmes. The HS&DR Programme funds research into the quality, access and organisation of health services, including costs and outcomes.

Health Technology

Health Technology is an internationally recognised term that covers any method used by those working in health services to promote health, prevent and treat disease and improve rehabilitation and long-term care. “Technologies” in this context are not confined to new drugs or pieces of sophisticated equipment.

Health Technology Assessment

The HTA Programme produces independent research information about the effectiveness, costs and broader impact of healthcare treatments and tests for those who plan, provide or receive care in the NHS.

Honorary Contract

Honorary contracts are required by anyone who wants to carry out research or observe people in an NHS setting, but who does not already have an employment contract or a volunteer contract with the relevant NHS Trust. The contract ensures that they are covered by NHS liability insurance, and that they are contractually bound to take proper account of the NHS duty of care.


High Calcium (CA2+) in blood serum.


In a trial, a statement relating to the possible different effect of the interventions on an outcome. The null hypothesis of no such effect is amenable to explicit statistical evaluation by a hypothesis test, which generates a P value.