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Acronym Phrase
I&E Income and Expenditure
I&E Income and Equity
I4I Invention for Innovation
IA Internal Audit
IAA Information Asset Administrator
IaaS Infrastructure as a Service. Cloud Computing
IAF Improvement and Assessment Framework
IAG Information. Advice and Guidance
IAM Information about Me
IaN Information and News
IAO Information Asset Owner
IAPT Immediate/Improving Access to Psychological Therapies
IAT Integrated Academic Training Programme
IB Incapacity Benefit
IBA Identification and Brief Advice scheme
IBD Irritable Bowel Disease (identified by FIT test)
IBN Information Breach Notice
IBP Integrated Business Plan
IC Infection Control
IC Information Commissioner
IC Informed Consent
ICA Integrated Clinical Academic
ICAS Independent Complaints Advocacy Service
ICASE Integrated Care and Support Exchange
ICB Integrated Care Board
ICBP International Cancer Benchmarking Partnership
ICC Inherited Cardiac Condition
ICC Integrated Care Community
ICCS Integrated Communications Control Centre
ICD International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems
ICDB Integrated Care Delivery Board
ICDS Integrated Child Development Services
ICE In Case of Emergency
ICE Integrated Clinical Environment
ICE Ideas, Concerns and Expectations
ICE Inventory of Carbon and Energy
ICER Incremental Cost Effectiveness Ratio
ICF Informed Consent Form
ICH International Conference on Harmonisation
ICHP Imperial College Health Partners
ICJ Improving the Cancer Journey
ICM Integrated Case Management
ICMJE International Committee of Medical Journal Editors
ICN Intensive Care Nursery
ICN Interim Chief Nurse
ICNARC Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre
ICO Information Commissioners Office
ICO Integrated Care Organisation
ICP Integrated Care Partnership
ICP Integrated Care Pathway
ICP Integrated Care Pilot
ICP Integrated Care Provider
ICP Intercranial Pressure
ICR Injury Costs Recovery (Scheme)
ICR Institute of Cancer Research
ICRS Integrated Care Records Service
ICS Integrated Care System
ICSD Integrated Children’s Service Delivery
ICSS International Cancer Survival Standard
ICT Infection Control Team
ICT Information and Communication Technology
ICT Integrated Care team
ICT Intermediate Care Team
ICT Interactive Costing Tool
ICU Intensive Care Unit
IDA Iron Deficiency Anaemia often associated with Colorectal Cancer
IDCR Integrated Digital Care Record
IDG Interim Director of Governance
IDMC Independent Data Monitoring Committee
IDSP Interim Director of Strategy and Planning
IDT Integrated Discharge Team
IDT Inter-Deanery Transfer
IDVA Independent Domestic Violence Adviser
IDVA Independent Domestic Violence Advisor
IDVU Intravenous Drug User
IE Independent Examination
IEA Immediate and Essential Actions
IES Institute for Employment Studies
IESCCG Ipswich and East Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group
IFCC International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine
IFD Interim Finance Director
IFR Individual Funding Request
IFR Individual Funding Review
IFRS International Financial Reporting Standards
IG Information Governance
IG Information Governance
IGAS Invasive Group A Streptococcus Infection
IGG Information Gathering Group
IGR Impaired Glucose Regulation
IGRT Image Guided Radiography
IGT Information Governance Toolkit
IGT/IGTK Information Governance Toolkit
IGTK Information Governance Toolkit
IH&SC Integrated Health & Social Care
IHAM Indicative Hospital Activity Model
IHD Ischemic Heart Disease
IHI Institute for Healthcare Improvement
IHW Innovation Health and Wealth
IIF Investment and Impact Fund
IIP Investors In People
ILA Independent Living Advocacy Service
ILCOR International Committee on Resuscitation
ILD Interstitial Lung Disease
iLEARN The UK’s largest healthcare e-learning platform with 100,000+ subscribers.
ILI Influenza Like Illness
ILM Institute of Leadership and Management
ILS Intermediate Life Support
IM Intramuscular
IM&T Information Management and Technology
IMAS Interim Management and Support
IMB Integrated Management Board
IMC Intermediate Care
IMCA Independent Mental Capacity Advocate
IMD Index of Multiple Deprivation
IMDD Index of Multiple Deprivation Decile
IMHT Integrated Mental Health Team
IMP Investigational Medicinal Product
IMPD Investigational Medicinal Product Dossier
IMR Infant Mortality Rate
ImROC Implementing Recovery through Organisational Change
IMRT Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy
IMT Incident Management Team
IMT Information Management and Technology
INCV Individualised Neoatigen Cancer Vaccines
IND Investigational New Drug. Sometimes used instead of IMP
iNESY Individualised Neoantigen Specific
INF Infectious Diseases
INR International Normalised Ratio (Blood Clotting Factor)
INT Integrated Neighbourhood Team
IOG Improving Outcomes Guidance
IOT Internet of Things Technology
IP Information Prescriptions
IP Inpatient
IP Intellectual Property
IP&C Infection Protection and Control
IPASS I pass the baton (good patient transfer process)
IPC Infection Prevention and Control
IPC Integrated Personal Commissioning
IPC Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (Stockings)
IPCC Integrated Primary Care Community
IPCT Infection Prevention and Control Team
IPH Improving Partnerships for Hospitals
IPMN Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasm
IPN Infection Prevention Nurse
IPPR Institute for Public Policy Research
IPR Individual Performance Review
IPR Integrated Performance Report
IPS Individual Placement and Support
IPSG Information for Patients Steering Group
IPSIS Independent Patient Safety Investigation Service
IPSOS French Market Research Company (Institute Public de Sondage d’Opinion Secteur
IPSS International Prostate Symptom Score
IPT Infection Prevention Team
IPT Inter-Provider Transfer
IPT Inter-Provider Transport
IPTS Intensive Psychological Therapies Service
IQ Improving Quality
IQA Internal Quality Assurance
IQC Internal Quality Control
IQI Indicators for Quality Improvement
IQIP Improving Quality in Physiological Services
IQSP Improving Quality Supporting Practices Initiatives
IRAS Integrated Research Application System
IRB Independent Review Boards: US equivalent of authorised REC
IRB Institutional Review Board
IRBY Integrated Right By You
IRC Inflammatory Rheumatoid Condition
IRMDG Irinotecan and Modified deGramont used with 5FU and Folinic acid to treat Bowel Cancer
IRMER Ionising Radiation Medical Exposure Regulations
IRN Integrated Residential and Nursing Board
IRP Independent Reconfiguration Panel
IRP Innovation Review Panel
IRR Infusion Related Reaction
IRT Initial Response Team
IRT Interactive Response Technologies
IRY Intervention Radiology
IS Income Support
IS Information Systems Programme
ISA Imaging Services Accreditation Team
ISA Independent Safeguarding Authority
ISB Information Standards Board for Health and Social Care
ISC Integrated Safeguarding Committee
ISCAS Independent Sector Complaints Adjudication Service
ISCG Informatics Services Commissioning Group
ISCT International Society for Cellular Therapy
ISD Information and Statistics Division
ISDN Integrated Stroke Delivery Network
ISF Investigator Site File
ISMB Infusions and Special Medicines Board
ISMS Information Security Management System
ISN Information Standard Notice
ISP Independent Sector Provider
ISR Indirectly Standardised Rate
IST Intensive Support Team
ISTC Independent Sector Treatment Centre
IT Information Technology
ITP Innovation & Technology Payment
ITT Innovation and Technology Tariff
ITT Invitation to Tender
ITU Intensive Therapy Unit
IUC Intrauterine Contraceptive
IUC Integrated Urgent Care
IUD Intrauterine Device
IUI Intrauterine Insemination
IUS Intrauterine System
IV Improving Value
IV Informal Volunteering
IV Intravenous
IVF In Vitro Fertilisation
IVI Intravenous Infusion
IVP Intravenous Pyelogram
IVRS Interactive Voice Response Systems
IWL Improving Working Lives
IWRS Interactive Web Response Systems
IX Investigations